Today I am one year violence free.

It has been arguably the hardest year of my life, and the most painful. I am unfathomable grateful to the people in my life who stuck by me this year, who showed me what true friendship really looks like. You have meant more to me than you will ever know.
There were times this year when I was so low that I didn’t see a way out. But I made it through because of your support and I am now so hopeful for the future. I am sitting in the cafe right now writing this, overcome by so much happiness that tears are spilling down my cheeks.
If anyone out there is in an abusive relationship (whether that abuse is physical, verbal, or emotional), please know that even though taking that first step to get out is SO damn hard, you deserve to be treated with love and respect. No matter what your abuser is telling you, you ARE worth it. You are worth all the love in the world, and more. I believe in you and I am here to talk with you and support you ANY damn time of the day or night.
I’ll be celebrating all day today, and tonight in Capitol Hill. Any and all are welcome to come and join me.
My heart is so full of love.